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12" x 25 Feet Heat Transfer Application Film


Free shipping on all orders over $50 | 90 days return

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PERFECT TRANSFER EVERY TIME: No more wrinkled or ruined projects due problems with the application process. Bright Idea Supplies Heat Mask Film is a HIGH-TACK polyester mask designed to lift heat transfer films or HTV vinyl from its carrier and position it on textiles. The mask remains on the printed graphic during heat application and is removed after pressing.

REUSABLE UP TO FIVE TIMES: Our premium 12” x 25 feet heat mask roll features a durable polyester construction that can withstand high heat and is clear for easy alignment. The unique adhesive system will not leave residue after removal and is reusable up to five times.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the heat mask/tape to a slightly larger size than the finished graphic. Remove the liner from the heat mask and place the mask face down on a smooth surface with the adhesive side facing up. Place the printed and weeded graphic onto the adhesive side of the heat mask/tape. Starting from the center and moving out squeegee the graphic to the heat mask. Remove the print media liner from mask. Transfer the heat mask covered graphic to the textile and follow the specifications

MADE IN THE USA – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – our vinyl is made right here in the United States, allowing us to rigorously maintain premium quality and product consistency with each and every package.

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